Why CFE?

C= CONFIDENT: Each and every coach works with every athlete to ensure to build their confidence to be the best they can whether it’s on or off the floor with cheerleading and life in general. Our primary focus is to promote and instill positive life skills and good character traits for each of our athletes.

F= FAMILY: We want each cheerleader to feel they are an important part of our cheer family and are as valuable as the next regardless of skill or tumble pass. We focus on the individual not just skill. They are “cheer sisters” and work well together. They open their arms to new cheerleaders and make them feel welcome.

E= EXCITING: It is our goal to make sure these kids are excited to be a part of the gym and their sport. We strive to ensure each cheerleader is excited about practice and looks forward to coming no matter what. We try to incorporate fun and excitement in everything we do.

            Cheer Force Elite is “Building a Legacy, One Champion at a Time”. We offer one of the most affordable programs in South Jersey and the experience each athlete will walk away with is priceless. Come along for the ride!

Cheer Force Elite