Class Policies

  • Class tuition must be paid at time of enrollment to hold your spot in the class.
  • All tuition will be due on the 1st of every month in the form of cash, check, credit cards through our online portal.
  • All athletes are enrolled in a class until you request to be dropped from the class.
  • If athletes are not properly withdrawn from the class they are still responsible for tuition once it is billed.
  • Due to scheduling issues etc the class coach could change without prior notification.
  • Any payments received after the 5th of the month shall incur a $10 late fee.
  • Athletes with a past due balance that exceed 30 days will be removed form the class for non-payment.
  • Class tuition is not based on attendance, as it simply reserves your spot in the class.

Class Descriptions

  • Tiny Tumble: This is beginner basics and an introduction to tumbling. The fundamentals will be worked on such as cartwheels, forwards rolls, handstand, and coordination.
  • Tumble 1: No prior tumbling experience is required. Athletes will learn the proper technique and execution of cartwheels, round-offs, handstand, front limbers, backbend kickers and front/back walkovers.
  • Tumble 2: Prerequisite: Back walkover, backbend kick over. Athletes will work on the fundamentals of the standing back handspring, multiple back handspring, and running back handspring.
  • Tumble 3: Prerequisite: Multiple unassisted standing and running back handsprings. Athletes will be introduced to tucks, punch fronts, round off tucks, and running back handspring tucks. 
  • Tumble 4/5: Prerequisite: Round off back handspring tucks and 3 standing back handsprings. Athletes will work standing tucks, layouts, standing tumbling into layouts, fulls, arabians, standing full, etc.
  • Flawless Flex: Athletes will learn flexibility, body control, and will work drills for strengthening their entire body. Great for advanced and beginner flyers or athletes wanting to be a flyer. Work on proper heel stretches, scorpions, arabesque, and needles.
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